The Magdalen Islands are an archipelago comprised of a dozen islands, six of which are connected by narrow sand dunes. But this dream destination is also a fragile environment with its own needs and challenges.

That's why Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine encourages you to pledge to care for the destination by committing to responsible and sustainable tourism.



by living to the rhythm of the archipelago Here, we don’t always know the time, but there’s always time. Take a deep breath of ocean air, take in the views, embrace the islanders’ way of life… isn’t that what we’re all here for?
by properly sorting my garbage Waste management is a significant challenge on the Islands, since only food waste and other biodegradable matter are processed locally. Everything else must be exported to be processed on the mainland.
by steering clear of dunes and fragile ecosystems Dunes protect the Islands from high winds and strong tides but are in turn vulnerable to erosion. Let’s do our part in safeguarding fragile environments by keeping all motorized vehicles on the designated trails.
by making responsible use of drinking water Our water is directly drawn from groundwater supplies, a finite and delicate resource. It ranks among the best drinking waters in Quebec! Let’s use it wisely to keep drinking it freely, preferably from reusable bottles.
by following marked trails and other signs In the summertime, nature also sees an increase in visitors. By using the designated paths, access points and footbridges in place, we can lessen our impact on the environment, especially on the local flora.
by camping in the designated areas The archipelago counts many camping sites and a few boondocking spots. Camping in these locations both reduces our impact on the environment and promotes the development of these services for all campers.
by bringing back what’s mine Let’s take the habit of picking up after ourselves when out and about, bringing all rubbish back home to properly sort it instead of leaving it in nature. There are better ways to be remembered!
by being careful near cliff edges Our cliffs are friable. For everyone’s safety, let’s stay 3 metres away from the edge to prevent any injury and the acceleration of the erosion process. The danger isn’t always visible from the top, so better stay safe!
by staying alert when on the water Taking good care of all preparations before an outing, bringing people along or informing someone of our whereabouts, and getting the information we need from reliable sources are essential to stay safe at sea and fully enjoy all water activities.
by saving energy Even with two wind turbines on the Islands, most of our energy still comes from a diesel power plant. Turn off the lights and let in the breeze to cool down on hot days to help minimize the greenhouse gases produced by the station.
by parking in designated areas The paved shoulder of the main road is not meant for cars—it’s part of the Route Verte, a bicycle lane that goes through most of the archipelago! Let’s stay courteous and keep everyone’s safety in mind.
by following the best practices for kite surfing By knowing the right things to do and putting them into practice, we contribute to reducing the risk of accidents. Never hesitate to take a class in a recognized school to better get acquainted with the local winds!
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By committing to take part in responsible and sustainable tourism practices, you contribute to the protection of Les Îles de la Madeleine. An unforgettable experience now awaits you, discovering and caring for our home and community. Enjoy your stay!

Tourisme Îles de la Madeleine